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The common sense Theory

based on facts


You don’t understand, how society is functioning, if you are not aware of the underground activities of pervers groups of different kinds. Connections of type pedophile perversion are now (2010) in the spotlights. But gangs of type sadistic perversion are the most dangerous. Sadistic people (4%, 4 of 100), organized in undercover groups in politics, parties, business, are the greatest threat for society. In many countries and in international organisations they have gathered a lot of power and are using it for stifling real solutions and for other damage activities. Commonly called the ill-Uminati, they have a seize of 250 million = 4% of the world population. The family-clans of the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, descendants of Attila, the Hun,  and of other Huns, form the inside circle and the power heart of the pervers group. Acting as  indirectly as possible, as far underground as possible, and as invisible as possible, they control great parts of economy, politics and society. Restlessly they are working to extend the control. Multi-billion fortunes and a net of special local groups to exert special local influence are the backbone of their uncontrolled power.


Perverse people of the pedophile type, now spotted in church hierarchies, clustered to mafia-like groups, supporting and protecting each other over years, collaborating undergrounds, are dangerous “only” for kids, not for the society als a whole. However, they show to be a good model of the structure of other pervers groups: Extremly skillfull and extremly motivated, they know to reach the tops of the organizations, deceiving everybody with played friendliness. The pope in Rom has been actively protecting mafia-like connections of pedo-phile priests over years, and his brother, Georg Ratzinger, a pedophil himself, is accused now in Germany  for direct pedophile action during many years. A net in the top of the church hierarchy has been successfully suffocating related information during decennia. Untill now. Now information is boosting.


The big and dangerous groups of the sadistic type are dangerous for everybody and for society as a whole. Untill now they are not in the spotlights. They are looking for victims everywhere. They are specialised in making economic damage and to enrich themselves. As in the churches we should search the sickest pervers individuals in the tops:  Barroso and others with that special smile in the EU-top, Premier Balkenende in NL and his minister Verhagen, alltimes for violent military action (blood action), lieing and manipulating to press it through (David Report, Irak, Afganisthan), and EZ-minister M.v.d. Hoeven, extremely suspect, should be checked by expert scientists because of suspicion of sadism, because of stifling of real solutions and camouflied damage actions. It’s happening close under the surface and demonstrable. 

See also Zembla-TV 28.3.2010, a report over their newest damage project in Barendrecht (CO2 under the ground). You can see them provocating and watching, how much the citizen-rabbits will protest in order to see, if they can go on or if they must adapt their attacks.


The top-people of the energy-concerns should be checked for sadism. Especially the tops of Shell, Nuon, Eneco, RWE and EON.

The top-people of the bankhouses should be checked for sadism.

The citizens have been blind until today. So the dangerous connections had free play and could go on. Is a big change on the jump?






Normal money function


The problem is clear:  a group of billionaires is misusing the exchange instrument ‘Money’ as instrument to exert uncontrolled power. For being exchange instrument Money must be storable for a time. This element is used to start the misuse and to accumulate mountains of Money. We limit the height of the mountains to 50 million Euro, and  95 % of the problem is solved!


Solution: modesty in money questions


We are for modesty in money questions:

50 million Euro private fortune should be enough. That is sufficient for nearly 50 lifes. More makes clearly no sense, normal intentions supposed. Misuse intentions can be blocked by society. 1000 million or 10.000 million Euro is for a single person clearly too much.


Who wants power to rule over people should fetch mandates from the people. To lead down power over people from possessing unbelievable money mountains is a way, which should be blocked politically.

When all parliaments on the globe simultaneously make a law “100% fortune tax on private fortunes above 50 million Euro”, then this common sense limitation is a fact.

At one blow is then enough money available to give all persons on the globe a minimum income and a human life, who are willing to cooperate in population balance (see the important spearhead 2: field2pb ). See also field3mf


The normal Money function should be restored. Money as exchange instrument. Billionaires should vanish. Billions in the hands of pervers individuals of the sadism type are a danger for the globe.

Therefore action! Ask each political party if it has this point in its program! No vote for a party without this common sense aim!



Kill Bill ionaire- Fortunes


Bill-Fortunes, 1000 million $ or more in the hands of individuals, are weapons. In the hands of crazy sick persons they are dangerous weapons.


Crazy billionaires intend to kill 5/6 of the world population (report of Fox-TV, the biggest US-broadcast, and of lots of websites, showing material). The argumentation of the billionaires is, that the standard of most people on the planet is too low.


We agree, that the standard of the masses is low. Under more most people are not able to snack the signals of the slaughter coming. They don’t look around for important information. And when it is presented to them on a silver plate, they don’t believe it. Missing power of judgement! In spite of all slaughter parties in the past they believe in God and the government.  Photos and videos of huge concentration camps in USA, by groups of pervers billionaires allready built, still empty and waiting, fitted for selection and killing, don’t convince them. They believe in God and the government, their guardian angels, to protect them against all and everything, and fail to see, that the knights of the billionaires, persons with a friendly smile on their faces, are sitting in government and administration. Low standard of judgment: that’s true.

The masses with weak judgment have never heard of the Morgenthau-Plan, a strategy to weaken and to kill millions and billions of people parallelly with small inset and effort by destroying their food base in a sudden. That’s the strategy the crazy billionaires of type sadistic perversion most probably will follow when attacking. In spite of books, existing since 20 years, written by James Baque, a scientist, describing the first (limited) application in 1945—1950, 10 million victims “only”, people don’t know this strategy and are not prepared to care and to prevent. Such bad news don’t spread in populations with low standard of judgment, believing in God and the government. So they are not prepaired to protect themselves and can be killed easily.


However, the big killing is no option. And it doesn’t fit into the plans of the fate. There are other means to raise the standard of the population on the planet than killing most of the people. This big killing is a sick and pervers idea of persons which have a low standard themselves: a low moral standard, combined with high intellectual capacities. Dangerous people with mighty weapons in their hands: billions of $ ! So the intention of the World Party is to lay hands on most of that money via tax. See spearhead nr. 2 of the World Party!

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Population explosion

10 children or more per woman

Money = power instrument

fortunes of 1000 million or more

Pollution+climate change

Tekstvak: Operating under the surface, the top of a perverse group (type sadistic perversion, a lot 
of  billionaires included) tries to sabotage real solutions.  The Common Sense Theory!
We have to carry through the PMP-solutions against powerful organized resistance. 
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F1, clean energy

F2, population

F3, money

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Tekstvak: Solutions of some problems are only real solutions, when realized in all countries of the globe.

Kill Bill ionaire- Fortunes
Bill-Fortunes, 1000 million $ or more in the hands of individuals, are weapons. In the hands of crazy sick persons they are dangerous weapons.

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A method to trace manipulating officials, misusing power

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Tekstvak: We are looking for positive and helping persons (++) 
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Population balance

2 kids per woman, safe and rich

Money = exchange instrument

maximal fortune 50 million Euro

lots of cheap clean energy





































Solving global problems